dietary amenorrhea

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absence of the menses. adj., adj amenorrhe´al.Primary amenorrhea refers to absence of the onset of menstruation at puberty or before age 18; it may be caused by underdevelopment or malformation of the reproductive organs or by endocrine disturbances. When menstruation has begun and then ceases, the term secondary amenorrhea is used. The most common cause of this is pregnancy, but if that is excluded, there is usually a disturbance of the endocrine glands concerned with the menstrual process. General ill health, a change in climate or living conditions, emotional shock or, frequently, either the hope or fear of becoming pregnant can sometimes stop the menstrual flow.
dietary amenorrhea cessation of menstruation accompanying loss of weight due to dietary restriction, the loss of weight and of appetite being less extreme than in anorexia nervosa and unassociated with psychological problems.
hypogonadotropic amenorrhea cessation of menstruation due to failure to maintain a critical body fat-to-lean ratio, resulting in hypothalamic suppression; seen in women who engage in strenuous exercise, such as athletes, dancers, and those who are excessively weight conscious.
lactation amenorrhea absence of the menses in association with lactation.
nutritional amenorrhea dietary a.

di·e·tar·y a·men·or·rhe·a

loss of menstrual function due to severe weight loss or gain.

di·e·tar·y a·men·or·rhe·a

(dī'ĕ-tār-ē ā-men'ŏr-ē'ă)
Loss of menstrual function due to severe weight loss or gain.