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A laboratory worker who assists in cleaning; most commonly applied to laboratory workers who assist in the performance of autopsies and maintenance of morgues.
[Ger. Diener, servant]
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An attendant who maintains and cleans the hospital morgue, and who may assist in performing autopsies
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Nietzsche thought it was a bad sign of the times that even rulers have lost the courage of their positions, and that a man of Frederick the Great's power and distinguished gifts should have been able to say: "Ich bin der erste Diener des Staates" (I am the first servant of the State.) To this utterance of the great sovereign, verse 24 undoubtedly refers.
Approximately in every culture (individualist and socialist), It is reported that self-respect predicts life satisfaction spiritedly and consistently among the psychological factors that affect happiness (Civitci 2007, Diener and Diener 1995, Leung and Leung1992).
Elected ONA Officers: Vice President Elizabeth Diener, PhD, RN, CNE; Political Activities Director Megan Jester, MS, RN; Practice Director Amy Richards, MSN, BSN, RN; and Emerging Nurse Director Jennifer Booms, RN.
In defining subjective well-being (SWB), two main aspects have been distinguished: affective and cognitive (Lucas, Diener, & Suh, 1996).
Under 21 men final: Australia 21 (M) (Jamie Diener 16, Mitchell Rush 2 wkts) def.
"We are the first big organization in Charlotte to be doing it, and so it is kind of baby steps in figuring out what we can offer," says Sarah Diener, the company's resident teaching artist.
Personal choice has just as much, if not a greater, influence as tragedy on subjective well-being, says Edward Diener, Ph.D., a professor at the Universities of Virginia and Utah and one of the founders of the field of positive psychology.
As this, happiness is not just physical hedonism, but it is also derived from outcomes and the attainment of goals (Diener, Sapyta, & Suh 1998).