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Gol·gi ap·pa·ra·tus

a membranous system of cisternae and vesicles located between the nucleus and the secretory pole or surface of a cell; concerned with the investment and intracellular transport of membrane-bounded secretory proteins, and the synthesis of polysaccharides and glycoproteins.
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Camillo, Italian histologist and Nobel laureate, 1844-1926.
Golgi apparatus - a membranous system of cisternae and vesicles concerned with intracellular transport of membrane-bounded secretory proteins. Synonym(s): dictyosome; Golgi body; Golgi complex; Golgi internal reticulum; Holmgrén-Golgi canals
Golgi body - Synonym(s): Golgi apparatus
Golgi cells
Golgi complex - Synonym(s): Golgi apparatus
Golgi corpuscle
Golgi internal reticulum - Synonym(s): Golgi apparatus
Golgi osmiobichromate fixative - an osmic-bichromate mixture used to demonstrate nerve cells and their processes.
Golgi stain - any of several methods for staining nerve cells, nerve fibers, and neuroglia.
Golgi tendon organ - a proprioceptive sensory nerve ending embedded among the fibers of a tendon. Synonym(s): neurotendinous organ; neurotendinous spindle
Golgi zone - part of the cytoplasm occupied by the Golgi apparatus.
Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscle - an encapsulated sensory nerve ending.
Holmgrén-Golgi canals - Synonym(s): Golgi apparatus
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During this stage many GTs have cells with dense and dark cytoplasm, showing increased amounts of rough endoplasmic reticulum and active dictyosomes (Fig.
For the species studied here, this process seems to furnish precursors for the synthesis of polysaccharides in the dictyosomes, as was observed by Andreeva et al.
In these cells, there is an increase in the number of dictyosomes and endoplasmic reticulum (RER).
The origin of this population of vesicles is the endomembrane system, specifically the dictyosomes (Derksen & Emons, 1990).