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An oral record of a patient's care created by a health care professional that is used by a medical transcriptionist to create a printed record.
[L. dicto, fr. dico, to say]
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In the moments when Peter Ivanovitch interrupted his dictation, and sometimes these intervals were very long--often twenty minutes, no less, while he walked to and fro behind my back muttering to himself--I felt I was dying by inches, I assure you.
It was infinitely less killing than the task of sitting for hours at a table in a cold study to take the books of Peter Ivanovitch from dictation.
It is by no means certain that I will ever take Peter Ivanovitch from dictation," said Miss Haldin.
I have been waiting long for an opportunity--to take this--this decisive step, my love; for, as you must perceive, it is impossible that there should be two chiefs in a family: and now, if you please, we will resume the dictation.
Like civilization, it has turned a page, and the new spirit of the time finds her ready to write at its dictation.
But besides all this, in order that the instrument may not be contested, I am anxious to give it the greatest possible authenticity, therefore, one of my colleagues will help me, and, contrary to custom, will assist in the dictation of the testament.
But to save me I can't see any difference between writing jokes or comic verse and running a type- writer, taking dictation, or keeping sets of books.
In addition to using speech recognition on your desktop computer, dictations and voice files recorded on the go with the Philips dictation recorder app on your smartphone can be automatically run through the speech recognition system.
The students took melodic dictations and provided feedback along the way that described their process to the author.
This future-proof microphone provides professionals in a variety of settings with the tools to record dictations quickly and effectively, along with superior recording results, which all add up to help improve workflow.
Users need to dock their dictation recorders and the dictations are automatically downloaded and transcribed by speech recognition software.
This work aims at investigating possible benefits of dictation by examining students' attitudes to online dictations and drawing conclusions at its applicability in English for Specific Purposes classes.