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Frank, 20th-century British biochemist. See: Dickens shunt, Warburg-Lipmann-Dickens-Horecker shunt.
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The sketches by Boz were well received, but real fame came to Dickens with the Pickwick Papers which he now began to write.
Like Jonson long before him, Dickens sees every man in his humor.
But when the fun is rather rough, we must remember that Dickens wrote of the England of seventy years ago and more, when life was rougher than it is now, and when people did not see that drinking was the sordid sin we know it to be now.
To many people Pickwick remains Dickens's best book.
Just when Dickens began to write Pickwick he married, and soon we find him comfortably settled in a London house, while the other great writers of his day gathered round him as his friends.
Although not born in London, Dickens was a true Londoner, and when his work was done he loved nothing better than to roam the streets.
After Pickwick many other stories followed; in them Dickens showed his power not only of making people laugh, but of making them cry.
In life there is a great deal that is sad, and one of the things which touched Dickens most deeply was the misery of children.
Dickens loved children and they loved him, for he had a most winning way with them and he understood their little joys and sorrows.
As the years went on Dickens wrote more and more books.
It was about this time, too, that Dickens found a new way of entertaining the world.
These readings broke down Dickens's health and wore him out.