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The marginal significance level of this finding, however, combined with the non-significant coefficient for the effect of behavioral emancipation on the outcome of "some psychic benefits," prompted us to examine the disaggregated effects for each dichotomously coded constituent measure of satisfaction.
The control variable Industry--Financials is also measured dichotomously.
himalayca, is being described as a new addition, which is characterized by stipitate, deep-rooted dichotomously branched basidiomata, bright yellow to orange colour.
If a mean value is reported for a dummy-coded dichotomously scored nominal variable such as male = 0 and female = 1, this value should not be interpreted as a measure of central tendency, but (assuming complete data) as the proportion of females in a study sample, with a value > .
A basic content analysis was used to organize the "raw data" of the interview notes into a set of dichotomously coded variables indicating the presence or absence of a knowledge utilization theme.
As many had done before, I framed Pollard's life dichotomously as "before" and "after.
The items on the Symptom scale are all dichotomously scored questions to which the client is asked to respond "yes" or "no.
TV viewing, time spent playing video games and time spent on a computer were coded dichotomously as "two hours or less per day" and "greater than two hours per day".
Instead of viewing events dichotomously by lumping the whole unrest as a sinister plot or a premeditated game by the opposition or other international actors (e.
For this reason, thyroid hormone should not be considered dichotomously but, on the contrary, clinicians need to examine thyroid testing results as a continuous variable, in a similar manner to accepted coronary risk factors, such as blood pressure, glycemia and cholesterol.
This leads him to explore the relationship between language, world-building, and truth, which tends to be interpreted dichotomously (i.