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A compound with a molecule containing two atoms of chlorine to one of another element.
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The forth chapter deals with titanocene dichloride market trends review, distinguish titanocene dichloride manufacturers and suppliers.
Due to its mechanism of action and neoplastic changes, including osteosarcomas, in rats following administration of radium -223 dichloride, Xofigo may increase the risk of osteosarcoma or other secondary malignant neoplasms.
Effects of radium-223 dichloride (Ra-223) with docetaxel (D) vs D on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and bone alkaline phosphatase (bALP) in patients (pts) with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and bone metastases (mets): A phase 1/2a clinical trial.
The ALSYMPCA trial was a phase III, randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled international study comparing radium-223 dichloride vs.
4] into the reactor and by the transfer (diffusion) the sensors of magnesium into the reaction zone and magnesium dichloride from the zone, and also by the associated heat transfer processes.
Methanol, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, ethylene dichloride, LAB, PTA, propane, butane, benzene pyrolyze, pentane plus, benzene, paraxylene, ammoniac, nitrate ammonium, sulfur, sulfuric acid, heavy and light polyethylene, PVC and PET were among the main petrochemicals Iran exported last month.
This handbook characterizes the corrosion of metals, alloys, inorganic materials, plastics, coatings, and seals in methyl chloride, methylene dichloride, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride.
The 2005 World Light Olefins Analysis includes detailed supply/demand balances for ethylene and propylene for the 21 major producing countries; more than 25 additional countries, plus extensive regional summaries; production capacities of all ethylene and propylene products, by company and location, both historical and planned for the future; production capacities of the 22 major light olefin derivatives; demand for light olefins into the major derivatives, including polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene, dichloride, acrylonitrile and cumene, detailed by country; ethylene and propylene capacity balances for individual countries, detailed by company and region; long term price and margin forecasts for the U.
As a tanker was being loaded, a quantity of chemical ethylene dichloride (EDC) spilled down a manhole and into the site's drainage system, which led to Dabholm Gut - a beck which feeds into the Tees.
The chemicals that Borden reportedly released into the air were ethylene dichloride, vinyl-chloride monomer, hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid and ammonia.
The X-ray structural characterization of the (1:1) complexes of this ligand with silver (I) cation and palladium (II) dichloride will be presented.