dicentric chromosome

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di·cen·tric chro·mo·some

a chromosome with two centromeres that may result from reciprocal translocation.
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Two chromosomes are deemed included when the following structural aberration existed: dicentric chromosome and translocation.
Among detected structural aberrations the highest presence of gaps, breaks and marker chromosomes was documented, The ring chromosomes and the chromosome fragmentation were present within the C1 only; while dicentric chromosomes were detected in C1 and C2.
Key words: Aloe vera, premeiotic mitosis, chromosome abnormalities, micronucleus, dicentric chromosome bridges.
Rarely were spreads interpreted as exhibiting a translocation, acentric chromosome, or dicentric chromosome.
2003), and originate from dicentric chromosomes whose centromeres are pulled to opposite poles during anaphase.
anaphase and telophase bridges: dicentric chromosomes or exchanges;
observed a mean frequency of dicentric chromosomes more than twice as high (0.
It has been known for many years that radiation exposure could cause single or double strand breaks in the chromosomes, leading to dicentric chromosomes, translocations and more complex rearrangements (10), (11).
A telomere hypothesis of cellular aging has been proposed, where the loss of telomere sequences provides the signal for cells to enter into senescence, leading to the formation of dicentric chromosomes and classical breakage-fusion-bridge (BFB) cycles followed by genome rearrangements and aneuploidy (Pathak & Multani, 2006).
During the progression of the cell cycle, these dicentric chromosomes will be competitively pulled towards the opposite poles of the mitotic spindle (each centromere towards one pole), and their stretching will result in the formation of bridges during anaphase (the step that precedes cell division).
The adults from the study region near KKK showed a significant elevation of dicentric chromosomes when compared with the controls (dicentric chromosomes/metaphase: 5-km area 1.