dibasic acid

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di·ba·sic ac·id

an acid containing two ionizable atoms of hydrogen in the molecule. See: acid (1).
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The hydrolytic stability of the dibasic acid 1,2-cyclohexane based oligoesters was far superior (greater) than either the 1,3- or 1,4-cyclohexane diacid-based oligoesters.
The hydroxyl number of the glycolyzed product before removing the free glycol was used to determine the amount of the dibasic acid required for the polyesterification reaction.
The funds raised in the financings will be used for the new bio-material program as well as to improve Cathay's long-chain dibasic acids (DC) production technology by replacing the starting raw material from the traditional alkane (petroleum product) to renewable bio-materials.
The coatings acted as an effective barrier to NaCl penetration but were permeable to dibasic acids found in electronic fluxes.
Keith Watson is market development manager-consumer products for DBE dibasic esters and DBA dibasic acids at Invista.