dibasic acid

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di·ba·sic ac·id

an acid containing two ionizable atoms of hydrogen in the molecule. See: acid (1).
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Table 3: Formation constants for complexes of [[Pd(MME)([H.sub.2][O.sub.2])].sup.2+] with dibasic acids at 25[degrees]C and 0.1 M ionic strength.
In the early 1990s, cyclohexyl dibasic acids were proposed as replacements for the aromatic dibasic acids.
The hydrolytic stability of the dibasic acid 1,2-cyclohexane based oligoesters was far superior (greater) than either the 1,3- or 1,4-cyclohexane diacid-based oligoesters.
Unsaturated polyester (UP) resins are produced by reacting an unsaturated dibasic acid or a mixture thereof with a saturated dibasic acid with a polyhydric alcohol.
The funds raised in the financings will be used for the new bio-material program as well as to improve Cathay's long-chain dibasic acids (DC) production technology by replacing the starting raw material from the traditional alkane (petroleum product) to renewable bio-materials.
The coatings acted as an effective barrier to NaCl penetration but were permeable to dibasic acids found in electronic fluxes.
Non-edible uses of oils and fats: Introduction; Basic oleochemicals; Surfactants; Personal care products; Lubricants; Biodiesel; Glycerol; Dibasic acids; Dimers, isostearic acid, estolides, Guerbet alcohols and acids; Oleochemicals from castor oil; Surface coatings and inks; Epoxides, hydroxy acids, polyurethanes.