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Structural and physiological observations on some small marine diatoms.
Some diatoms were identified only to genus level due to the poor condition of valves (broken) or due to the valve being positioned in girdle view.
The greatest concentration of diatoms in this interval (0-74 cm) correlates with the onset of peat formation at the Beaver Pond site (52 cm).
Considering the lack of ecological information on large rivers, this study aims to conduct the following: i) evaluate the temporal and spatial variation of planktonic diatoms in terms of abiotic variables and the trophic level of the river water upstream and downstream of the Iguassu falls in the Iguassu River; ii) and select diatom descriptors of the physical and chemical conditions of the water in these two sampling stations and identify factors determining the community structure.
Species of diatoms are characteristics of small streams and benthic invertebrates are associated with larger stream types.
Diatoms are single-celled algae (in the stramenopile supergroup; see Page 22) that live in sunny, wet habitats.
Noctiluca is too big for the crustacean grazers that normally feed on diatoms, raising fears that it could spawn an alternate food chain lacking the predator fish people like to eat.
Therefore, we have to assume that the development of diatoms is not the main factor controlling the seasonally occurring decrease in the DSi concentration.
To investigate how the initial vibrational motion of XHY affects the vibrations and rotations of the product HX or HY diatoms, we used different sets of initial conditions in normal-mode coordinates.
It looks like diatoms "favor" the smaller daughters somehow.