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Relating to, characterized by, or affected by diathermy.
Synonym(s): diathermal


Relating to, characterized by, or affected by diathermy.
Synonym(s): diathermal.


(di'a-ther?me) [ dia- + thermo-]
The therapeutic use of a high-frequency current to generate heat within some part of the body. The frequency is greater than the maximum frequency for neuromuscular response and ranges from several hundred thousand to millions of cycles per second. It is used to increase blood flow to specific areas. It should not be used in the acute stage of recovery from trauma.diathermaldiathermic (di'a-ther'mal) (di'a-ther'mik), adjective Synonym: endothermy

laparoscopic ovarian diathermy

Abbreviation: LOD
Laparoscopic ovarian drilling.

medical diathermy

The generation of heat within the body by the application of high-frequency oscillatory current for warming, but not damaging, tissues.

short-wave diathermy

Abbreviation: SWD
Diathermy using wavelengths of 3 to 30 m. The most common frequency is 27.12 MHz. The heat may be applied in a continuous manner as a deep heat modality or pulsed to take advantage of the nonthermal effects of this form of radiation.

surgical diathermy

Diathermy of high frequency for electrocoagulation or cauterization.

diathermal, diathermic

pertaining to diathermy; permeable by heat waves.
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HOT WAVES" can be supplied with different heating systems such as: gas steam or diathermic oil.
The machine consists of a holding tank, surrounded by an outer tank with a reservoir of diathermic or heat transfer oil, a heating element, a condenser which would normally be fan assisted air cooled and electrical control equipment which would include temperature controls, cycle duration and emergency protection.