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Distortion that occurs in objects as a result of bending.
[G. diastrophē, fr. diastrephein, distortion]
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All of these formations were modified by the Hercynian Orogeny, with an intense diastrophism during the first stage of deformation, after which some magmatic bodies were emplaced.
Seven social issues are important in bringing about changes to schools' message systems: 1) the disorder of information, 2) symbolic analysis of information, 3) economic convergence and stratification, 4) the crisis of political ecology, 5) social diastrophism, 6) environmental degradation, and 7) the inequalities suffered by women.
Human Diastrophism, his first long-form serious work, establishes many of the themes that Gilbert explores in greater depth in subsequent Palomar tales: the magical-realist setting of the village (pre-Hispanic statuary hidden in the nearby jungle), fear of the outside world (an unknown murderer loose in the village), the unpredictability of nature (an attack of marauding monkeys), the intrusive power of the North (represented by a team of archeologists), the primal power of sex and the dangerous power of art (the outcast Humberto draws portraits of the murderer Tomaso before revealing his identity to Sheriff Chelo).