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The purpose of this study was threefold: 1) to identify which semester of an upper-division baccalaureate nursing program is associated with the highest test anxiety; 2) using participants from that semester, to determine if an intervention including diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and autogenic training assists students control their physiological responses; and 3) to determine if relaxation training decreases test anxiety.
Yoga can be a particularly helpful form of activity for people with chronic pain, since it relies on deep, diaphragmatic breathing and teaches how to balance effort and relaxation.
Upon stuttering or upon anticipation of a stutter, the client is told to stop speaking and engage in diaphragmatic breathing while consciously relaxing chest and throat muscles, to think about what needs to be said, and to start speaking following a small exhale.
In diaphragmatic breathing (probably the most common technique used by practitioners), individuals are instructed to expand their diaphragm as they inhale and relax the diaphragm as they exhale with the purpose of minimizing or stopping chest and accessory muscle (other than diaphragm) breathing.
As diaphragmatic breathing becomes easier, they may experiment with longer counts or hold the breath between the inhalation and exhalation.
The prestigious Journal of Clinical Psychology is publishing a study comparing EFT and Diaphragmatic Breathing (DB), the preeminent treatment for phobias, in treating small animal phobias.
The breathing technique is a method of deep diaphragmatic breathing, and participants have the option of pairing a calming word or phrase with the breath.
The biofeedback program began with diaphragmatic breathing exercises, followed by weekly sessions using visual and verbal techniques aimed at improving anorectal coordination and sensory conditioning.
A healthier breathing technique - diaphragmatic breathing - can be better for your body and help you manage stress.
Alone or opposite a scene partner, the actor establishes relaxed diaphragmatic breathing.
Another piece of innovative equipment Primedica is examining, and which is reimbursable by Medicare Part B for use in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a system for computerized retraining of patients for diaphragmatic breathing.