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, diandria (dī'an-drē, dī-an'drē-ă),
The phenomenon in which a single oocyte is fertilized by a diploid sperm and hence produces a triploid fetus. Compare: digyny.
[di- + G. andros, male]
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The combined findings indicate a diandric triploid conception, and the presence of 3 distinct alleles at 1 locus (VWA) in the setting of at least 1 locus establishing diandry (CSF1PO) indicates a dispermic (heterozygous) partial hydatidiform mole.
(5-7) Apart from rare hereditary cases, complete hydatidiform mole (CHM) has a diploid nuclear genome that comprises paternal DNA ("diandry") exclusively; the 2 paternal haploid sets may be derived from duplication of the DNA content of a single sperm or, less commonly, from the DNA of 2 separate sperm.