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Roman goddess of the hunt.
Diana complex - the adoption of masculine traits and behavior by a female.
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"Well, did you find Diana a kindred spirit?" asked Marilla as they went up through the garden of Green Gables.
"Well, all I hope is you won't talk Diana to death," said Marilla.
It might as well be six hundred," sighed Diana. "I never can get further from home now than Charlottetown."
"Where are you going for your wedding tour?" asked Diana.
"But you are going to wear a veil, aren't you?" asked Diana, anxiously.
He was as handsome and inscrutable as those daydreams we once planned to marry ourselves, Diana; he was the best dressed man I ever met, and he raved over Priscilla's
"Your wedding dress is a dream, anyhow," sighed Diana rapturously.
"Mother sent you this little pot of rhubarb jelly," said Diana pleasantly.
"I do it yet," laughed Diana. "I cut sets three days last week.
"We want to run in and see Ruby Gillis a little while," explained Diana.
"There is no truth in that report," said Diana, blushing.
"Oh, isn't she dreadful?" gasped Diana, as they escaped down the lane.