A group of compounds containing two amidine groups, for example, stilbamidine, propamidine.
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Thus, antimonies, aromatic diamidines or paromomycin sulphates, are associated to a varying degree with cytotoxic effects and important resistance phenomena (Antoniou et al.
The chemoprophylaxis of sleeping sickness with the diamidines.
The next level of drugs is represented by the diamidines, namely propamidine and dibromopropamidine.
These products (eg, diamidine anti-infectives and P medicine chloramphenicol) are marketed with guidelines for their use, and for chloramphenicol these differ slightly from those for the PoM products.
The ideal agent currently available are preparations containing diamidines, notably dibromopropamidine; Golden Eye Ointment and Brolene Eye Ointment are both available in small 5g tubes as P Medicines.