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The property displayed by substances that have a small negative magnetic susceptibility, given by molecules in which all electrons are paired; an unpaired electron yields a magnetic movement, hence the molecule containing such exhibits paramagnetism.
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Such a strong diamagnetism, due to the expulsion of magnetic flux by a supercurrent, is a significant signal of the onset of superconductivity.
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Diamagnetism is what allowed the researchers to float the frog.
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Given that the superconductor layers in HTS pieces are about only 1 [micro]m thick and possess almost total diamagnetism in one direction, in order to run the simulation effectively and correctly, the thickness of the superconductor pieces is set to be 0.2 mm and the permeability of them set as diag (1,1E-2,1) in their principle coordinates.
The visible spectrum (electronic spectra) of Molybdenum (VI) hydroxamate complex exhibit a band at 594nm which is assigned to [sup.2][B.sub.2] [right arrow] [sup.2][B.sub.1] ligand field transition, the position of the band together with the observed room temperature magnetic moment of -1.90 B:M is consistent with five coordinate square pyramidal geometries around Mo (VI) ions and this indicated diamagnetism (Nwabueze, 1996; Nicholls, 1974).
Organization is in 18 chapters beginning with basic properties of crystals and proceeding through phonons and lattice vibrations, free and nearly free electron models, band-structure calculations, static and transport properties of solids, electron-electron interaction, dynamics of Bloch electrons, semiconductors, electronics, spintronics, diamagnetism and paramagnetism, magnetic ordering, superconductivity, heavy fermions, metallic nanoculsters, complex structures, and novel materials.