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Having the property of diamagnetism.
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In these systems, the concentration of diamagnetic [Zn.sup.2+] ions plays a decisive role.
The condition [p.sub.[perpendicular to]] + [rho] = 0 and field equations are satisfied in the limit [L.sub.F] [right arrow] [infinity], so that the de Sitter vacuum core has the properties of a perfect conductor and ideal diamagnetic and zero magnetic induction.
The diamagnetic behavior of CFRP (Figure 5) is in accordance with [10], where the real part of [[mu].sub.r] varies between 0 and 1 dependent on orientation of a UD-CFRP.
In the ZnO-C system, suppression of diamagnetic components is expressed stronger than in ZnO samples No.
Accordingly, in the present work, we aimed to prepare a novel A3B type asymmetric phthalocyanine complex with a structural design that incorporates both a diamagnetic central metal and a push-pull electronic functionality for the sensitization of a commercial Ti[O.sub.2] material.
The [pH.sub.e] can also be measured by CEST methods, where the exchangeable proton group resides on the injected agent, which may or may not consist of a paramagnetic cation (i.e., diamagnetic CEST or paramagnetic CEST) [37, 38].
DPPH is a stable free radical that accepts an electron or hydrogen radical to become a stable diamagnetic molecule [34,35].
Another attractive research branch of surface modification of amorphous ribbons has been developed recently counting ion irradiation, chemical polishing, and diamagnetic or magnetic material coating [8].
reported the synthesis of the Ni[L.sub.2] diamagnetic complex (L = methyl 3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-2-propenedithioate) [15] and a paramagnetic [Ni[L.sub.2][(Py).sub.2]] bis-pyridine derivative.
Based on its intrinsic characters, QSMs have found its power in differentiating diamagnetic calcification from paramagnetic materials [7, 39], quantifying the deoxyhemoglobin concentration [9, 12], depicting the deep brain structure [40], quantifying contrast agent concentration [41], characterizing white matter fiber tracks, and so forth [1-4, 42].
In relation to antioxidant capacity it is worth to remember that, DPPH is a stable free radical that may be able to accept an electron or hydrogen radical to become a stable diamagnetic molecule.