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Having the property of diamagnetism.
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Inside the superconducting solenoid magnet, the diamagnetic repulsive force on the flies can be large enough to just balance the force of gravity so that they levitate with no support.
WELGE, Quasi-Landau spectrum of the chaotic diamagnetic hydrogen-atom, Phys.
Lastly, minerals with a negative magnetic susceptibility are termed diamagnetic and, for all practical purposes, are considered nonmagnetic.
A pair of well-placed fingers--made up of diamagnetic water, proteins, and organic molecules--is enough to do the trick.
As far as possible, selected similar complexes, diamagnetic and paramagnetic (e.
He covers general principles of pulsed NMR and techniques, common and key problems with amorphous materials as potential objects of study, diamagnetic materials, multi-nuclear NMR in diamagnetic solids, dynamics in diamagnetic materials, strategies in solid-state multi-nuclear NMR, parmagnetic effects, and amorphous porous paramagnetic materials.
However, most of cells are diamagnetic and don't respond to magnetic field considerably.
A final chapter looks at the oxidative ion-radical mechanisms in polymer interactions with diamagnetic nitrogen dioxide dimers in the form of nitrosyl nitrate.
Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy was used to examine the nature of paramagnetic CuO impregnated on diamagnetic ACF support.
The mechanism for the magnetic field effect on the extrudate swell ratio of benzene-containing polymers was associated with a large diamagnetic anisotropy of the benzene molecules, which results in the magnetic torque acting on the polymer molecules [36].