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A clock face or instrument resembling a clock face.
[L. dies, day]


a circular diagram with black lines radiating outward across a white background from the center, as is used in tests of astigmatism.


(dī′ăl) [L. dialis, daily, fr. dies, day]
A graduated circular face, similar to a clock face, on which some measurement is indicated by a pointer that moves as the entity being measured (pressure, temperature, or heat) changes.

astigmatic dial

A circular dial with black lines of uniform width drawn as if they were connecting opposing numbers on the face of a clock. It is used in testing for astigmatism.
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Unlike other systems that require the use of special dialing formats such as #XXX or **XXX, which can only be used at the discretion and with the permission of individual wireless carriers, Call for Content uses North American Number Plan (NANP) numbers that can be dialed from any mobile or landline phone.
Imagine the ease with which an entertainment brand can reach the vast mobile audience by launching a campaign on TV, radio, newspaper or billboards with the simple call-to-action of dialing a custom vanity phone number," said Cherry.
The strong appeal of StarStar Dialing was in direct contrast to consumer frustration with SMS Short Code dialing," said Gold.
Beginning December 31, 2005, all customers in the 310 area code should develop new dialing habits and dial 1 before the area code and seven-digit number when making calls;
com), World Outbound Dialing Markets, reveals that revenue in this market totaled $170.
By combining ART's smARTspeak NG voice dialer, Voq users will benefit from industry leading voice command capabilities and compelling dialing support for hands free operation," said Andrew Harries, Senior Vice President Marketing for Sierra Wireless.
PhoneValet makes dialing a snap and its feature set is full of options that allow complete configuration flexibility, including the ability to write custom AppleScripts.
EDT on July 22 through midnight on July 29, 2003, by dialing (800) 642-1687.
automatically dialing an alternate toll number when the
YAK is available in homes and businesses in Canada and the United States by dialing 10-15-945 before each long distance call.
To ease the transition to the new dialing method Telmex offers a system for calls entering its network from the United States.
Philips Speech Processing, a business unit of Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE:PHG) and a global leader in speech recognition technology, today announced the availability of Enterprise Voice Dialing(TM), the latest offering in the company's suite of leading corporate voice dialing products.