diagonal band

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Bro·ca di·ag·o·nal band

a white fiber bundle descending in the precommissural septum toward the base of the forebrain, immediately rostral to the lamina terminalis; this band consists of a horizontal limb [TA] (crus horizontale [TA]) and a vertical limb [TA] (crus verticale [TA]), and the cells associated with the band form the nucleus of the diagonal band [TA] (nucleus striae diagonalis [TA]); at the base, the bundle turns in the caudolateral direction; traveling through a ventral stratum of the innominate substance alongside the optic tract, it fades before reaching the amygdala.
Synonym(s): diagonal band [TA], stria diagonalis [TA]
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diagonal band

An axon tract in the basal forebrain region of the cerebral hemisphere. It interconnects the septal area and the substantia inominata.
Synonym: diagonal band of Broca; tractus diagonalis
See also: band
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Caption: Vivat thread showing diagonal bands of colour.
In the pieced blocks, she stitched diagonal lines through the green and white squares, and a Celtic knot design through the pink diagonal bands in the pieced blocks.
Ask students to describe the other parts of the composition, such as the diagonal bands running across the center, as well as the colorful horizontals that appear to form a backdrop to the scene.

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