diagnostic-related group

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diagnostic-related group (DRG),

a group of patients classified for measuring a medical facility's delivery of care. The classifications, used to determine Medicare payments for inpatient care, are based on primary and secondary diagnosis, primary and secondary procedures, age, and length of hospitalization. See also prospective payment system.
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One might think that hospitals, at least, would be amply prepared for PPS because of their many years of experience with prepayment using diagnostic-related groups (DRGs) - but the software they use is very specific to DRGs and has little to do with PPS and its per diems.
Reduced cost: UPMC conducted a data analysis that included 3,300 inpatient medical records in six diagnostic-related groups and found that patients who viewed the programs had an average length-of-stay 0.
In 2004, CMS estimated it paid for about 8,000 of these procedures, "at about $13,000 a pop--$1,000 in doctor fees, $12,000 in diagnostic-related groups," the spokesman said.
The creation of Diagnostic-Related Groups in the early 1980s marked the first seismic force to influence healthcare.
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