diagnostic peritoneal lavage

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diagnostic peritoneal lavage (DPL)

a procedure used to detect intraabdominal bleeding or viscus perforation after abdominal trauma. The open or operative approach allows direct visual examination of the peritoneum when the catheter is inserted. Gastric and bladder decompression must precede performance of DPL.
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Abdominal stab wounds: Diagnostic peritoneal lavage criteria for emergency room discharge.
3 DIAGNOSTIC PERITONEAL LAVAGE: Diagnostic peritoneal lavage was done in 21 cases, out of which 13 were positive and 8 were negative.
But better results are given by Diagnostic peritoneal lavage.
Diagnostic peritoneal lavage (DPL) is a technique, which is being extensively studied in comparison with CT regarding its usefulness as an indicator for open surgery.
Diagnostic peritoneal lavage is helpful in unexplained shock, spinal cord injury and suspected abdominal injury in comatose, intoxicated or multiple injury patients.

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