diagnostic cast

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di·ag·nos·tic cast

a positive replica of the form of the teeth and tissues made from an impression.
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di·ag·nos·tic cast

(dīăg-nostik kast)
Positive replica of form of the teeth and tissues made from an impression.
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Prior to preparing teeth, form a matrix on diagnostic casts.
Many methods have been advocated for tempori- zation after full mouth tooth preparation to enhance esthetics function and muscular adaptation.4 Most of which are depending on articulated wax-up of the diagnostic cast and construction of template or index in which a temporary resin material will be injected and placed over the prepared teeth.5
* Lower diagnostic cast was surveyed, mouth preparation was done followed by functional impression using McLean's technique and resurveying.
The diagnostic cast helps the dentist to evaluate the condition of the patient's oral condition and for the diagnostic purposes.
1 This study showed that the distance between the anterior attachment of the lingual frenum and the mandibular central incisor edge can be used on pre extraction diagnostic casts as a pre extraction record for determining the occlusal vertical relation record.

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