diagnosis code

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di·ag·no·sis code

(dī'ăg-nō'sis kōd)
A number assigned to a diagnosis using the International Classification of Diseases manual.
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PPV was calculated by diagnosis code in medical records, defined as the number of confirmed NAS cases divided by the total number of potential NAS cases identified, multiplied by 100.
To track this, Cigna will measure claims submitted with an opioid overdose diagnosis code.
Emergency department (ED) visit data from hospitals participating in syndromic surveillance were selected for this study based upon two criteria: location in the southeast region of New Mexico and the inclusion of both the chief complaint field and diagnosis code fields.
We then described the HBV care continuum among all pregnancies in which the mother was diagnosed with chronic HBV, defined as at least one chronic HBV ICD9-CM diagnosis code (070.22, 070.23, 070.32, 070.33, or V02.61) documented on a claim prior to the delivery index date.
Although it is less clear what specific treatments should be directed to patients with Type 2 acute myocardial infarction given the heterogeneity of underlying pathophysiology, having a diagnosis code for Type 2 acute myocardial infarction could have several important implications.
A moderate exacerbation was defined as a physician visit with a diagnosis code for COPD and an oral corticosteroid (OCS) or an antibiotic prescription for a respiratory infection (filled within 2 weeks of the physician visit), whereas a severe exacerbation was defined as an ER visit with a primary diagnosis code for COPD or hospitalization with a primary discharge diagnosis code for COPD.
* The 2017 ICD-10-CM diagnosis code set and guidelines, with comprehensive information on the ICD-10-CM updates for FY 2017.
ASD status was determined by at least two claims on separate dates associated with an ICD-9-CM diagnosis code for autistic disorder, other specified pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) including Asperger syndrome, or unspecified PDD.
Although coding errors vary, Muller says providing an invalid diagnosis code or an invalid member identification number are the two most common data field mistakes.
Recognize that the system is currently set up to pay physicians for the services we provide--and that service must be justified by the appropriate diagnosis code. Tougher cases, or high-risk patients, tend to have longer surgeries and hospital stays, and their outcomes often are not as good as those of more typical patients.
For the IP file, we assessed encounter quality based on having at least one diagnosis code and one revenue code.
The primary diagnosis method simply assigns spending to the illness associated with the diagnosis code (or first diagnosis code in the case of multiple diagnosis codes) of each claim or survey-collected medical event.