diagnosis code

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di·ag·no·sis code

(dī'ăg-nō'sis kōd)
A number assigned to a diagnosis using the International Classification of Diseases manual.
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These contain a complete list of the valid ICD-9 diagnosis codes for each year, allowing for identification of annual diagnosis code changes from 2001 through the last ICD-9 release in October of 2014.
The weighted number of discharges with a birth defect diagnosis code were totaled.
The 2017 ICD-10-CM diagnosis code set and guidelines, with comprehensive information on the ICD-10-CM updates for FY 2017.
The primary diagnosis method simply assigns spending to the illness associated with the diagnosis code (or first diagnosis code in the case of multiple diagnosis codes) of each claim or survey-collected medical event.
Under the "4010" format, there was no requirement that a stage code be in the first eight secondary diagnosis code fields.
A subset of medical records was reviewed for patients with the diagnosis code of interest in the IHS Southwest and Southern Plains regions.
Since the ICD-10 represents a completely new diagnosis code set that does not at all resemble the former, it will be essential for all team members to learn how diagnosis codes are structured in ICD-10.
What is more, patients having palliative care who cannot be saved are generally excluded (after all its not the hospital's fault they died) - but this only happens if they get the right diagnosis code.
9) were developed for injury surveillance [11] and are to be assigned whenever one or more ICD-9-CM injury diagnosis code (codes 800.
It indicates that a patient has an IUD in place but you should never use it as a diagnosis code when the purpose of the visit is for you to check on the device and assess how it is working.
Therefore, in the following scenario it is only possible to definitively link the diagnosis code which immediately precedes the external cause code with the external cause.
Diagnosis: Usually on the bottom of the form with CPT codes (or sometimes on the back), you'll either see a list of common diagnosis codes with your child's circled, or if there is no such list, your child's diagnosis code will be written down as a three-to-five digit number.