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to identify or recognize a disease.
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To make a diagnosis.
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(dī′əg-nōs′, -nōz′)
v. diag·nosed, diag·nosing, diag·noses
1. To distinguish or identify (a disease, for example) by diagnosis.
2. To identify (a person) as having a particular disease or condition by means of a diagnosis.
3. To analyze the nature or cause of: diagnose the reasons for an economic downturn.
To make a diagnosis.

di′ag·nos′a·ble adj.
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To make a diagnosis.
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To make a diagnosis.
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Patient discussion about diagnose

Q. How is the diagnosis of autism made? My friend has a child who is suspected to have autism. I wanted to find out more about making the diagnosis of autism.

A. Diagnosing autism is not an easy task, especially when there are several other conditions that might confuse the clinician with this disorder or spectrum of disorders. The child usually has several symptoms that suggest an autistic disorder, such as impaired social behavior. Several diagnostic instruments (tests) are available. Two are commonly used in autism research: the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) is a semistructured parent interview, and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) uses observation and interaction with the child. The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) is used widely in clinical environments to assess severity of autism based on observation of children.
A pediatrician commonly performs a preliminary investigation by taking developmental history and physically examining the child.. If warranted, diagnosis and evaluations are conducted with help from ASD specialists, observing and assessing cognitive, communication, family, and other factors

Q. Is the diagnosis correct? I have been diagnosed bipolar and was previously diagnosed with depression and ADHD how I know the diagnosis is correct this time?

A. a psychologist/psychiatrist should also have the possibility with a questionary to detect if you have bipolar disorder and/or adhd. i have both and live with it since i am a child. i had my first "out-of-control"-crisis with 29 years. in the meantime i am 46 (in two days) and i still live! i had also many times the wish to make suicide, but this is the worst solution. do you live alone? do you have a dog? do you have a job? what are your talents? what do you love to do in life? write it down and look what you could put on a focus. what are the things you do daily that allows you to stop thinking of all your trouble? write it down. to make a puzzle? play chess with your neighbor? to chat online? you only can collect what could help you in such cases to keep the bad thoughts you have away from yourself. there is always at least one good solution. i give you here some ideas. never give up! thank you

Q. Who was the first person to be diagnosed with ADHD? Here is a question which I find very difficult to get an answer. Who was the first person to be diagnosed with ADHD? Take it easy to answer me my new friend. Thanks in advance.

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Examples of diagnosable and not diagnosable PN models of a railway point are given in Figure 6 and Figure 7, respectively.
Chen, "Strongly diagnosable product networks under the comparison diagnosis model," Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
well, that meant that bereavement was over and the person was diagnosable with a major mental disorder--depression, now sometimes described as a permanent brain disease.
THE DEFENSE The patient did not have a diagnosable infection the day the physician saw him and his condition had progressed over the following 3 days.
We've all heard the stats: One in five Canadian children has a diagnosable mental health issue.
This condition requires much awareness by the public since it is not easily diagnosable, said KISR ''''s department of science and technology director Dr.
They're likely to have a diagnosable, treatable disease."
The kids had symptoms of depression, but not diagnosable depressive disorders.
They outline the connections between neurobiology and counseling, offer an overview of the brain and central nervous system and how each of the major aspects of the brain function in the process of counseling, and discuss brain development and plasticity; the different impacts of various counseling approaches on the brain; the neurobiological and neuropsychological aspects of mental health, as well as diagnosable and nondiagnosable issues as they relate to brain function, from schizophrenia to autism spectrum disorder; the effects of psychotropic medications on brain function; and the assessment of brain function in counseling and through brain scans.
* The Department of Veterans Affairs is proposing to add five diagnosable illnesses which are secondary to service-connected traumatic brain injury (TBI).
The estimates are based on data from SAMHSA's 2009-2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which calculated the rates of cigarette smoking among people aged 18 years and older in the United States who reported having "any mental illness," defined as "a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder, excluding developmental and substance use disorders" in the past year.
That between 45 million and 55 million adults and youths suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.