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The process of converting sediment to rock.
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Estas hipotesis han sido agrupadas por Yudovich (2003b) en dos mecanismos fundamentales: un mecanismo de difusion, el cual opera durante la diagenesis del material organico acumulado y un mecanismo de filtracion, asociado a procesos ocurridos durante la acumulacion de turba.
Keywords: positron annihilation, opals, diagenesis, positronium, Doppler broadening, lifetime, rocks, sandstones, limestones, carbonates positron sources, DBS, PAL, PA
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In the area of rock and mineral geochemistry, projects include investigation of the causes of clay and related mineral diagenesis, elucidation of the kinetics of complex carbonate formation, explanation of the formation and evolution of igneous rocks and their associated ore deposits from elemental and isotopic distribution data, and petrologic studies of meteorites.
A color guide to the petrography of carbonate rocks: Grains, texture, porosity and diagenesis, U.
The deposits are well preserved and unaffected by deep burial diagenesis and significant tectonic deformations.
1971) suggested that the primary lattice of belemnite "remained during early processes of diagenesis, but was later successively cemented, especially in those places where the post-mortally decomposed organic matter had disappeared".
The sedimentation rate, sediment diagenesis, paleo-climatic changes, and the taphonomy and distribution of the microbotanical remains will be analyzed in order to evaluate the extent of the anthropogenic impact in the exposed profiles.
Impact of diagenesis on reservoir quality in ramp carbonates: Gialo Formation (Middle Eocene) Sirt Basin Libya.