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The process of converting sediment to rock.
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The aim of this study is therefore to investigate the diagenesis and reservoir quality of the Mughal Kot Formation and to establish a reliable link between these two parameters of the hemipelagic strata.
The influence of suboxic diagenesis on the formation of manganese nodules in the Clarion Clipperton nodule belt of the Pacific Ocean.
The cementation processes might be influenced by meteoric and groundwater circulation during deposition and diagenesis (Tucker and Wright, 2009).
The fossil diagenesis is represented by the following characteristics: (i) preservation of the biomineralization and (ii) a high incidence of incrustation (both analyzed by XRD and IR).
The diagenesis of the Sherwood Sandstone has been described from several locations throughout the UK, the Irish Sea, and the North Sea (e.g., [52, 56, 57]).
Moreover, plotted on HI-[T.sub.max] and PI-[T.sub.max] diagrams, the studied samples fall in the immature (diagenesis) zone and marginally enter the beginning of the oil zone.
In the following course of diagenesis the laminae became vertically and horizontally fused and lost their bladed structure; their surfaces turned variously wrinkled (Fig.
Los analisis produjeron valores de C/N dentro de rangos esperados para muestras no afectadas por diagenesis, excepto por BN18 que se encuentra en el limite inferior de confiabilidad (DeNiro 1985; Tabla 2).