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Denoting a substance containing two ionizable hydrogen atoms per molecule; more generally, a base capable of combining with two hydrogen ions per molecule.
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The reaction pathways of ammonium hydroxide NMSO with cotton cellulose are influenced by the degree of triglyceride modification with diacid groups.
The 45% bio-content polymer Vestamid Terra DD is based on polyamide 1012, which is the polycondensation product of 1,10-decamethylene diamine (D) and 1,12-dodecanedoic diacid (D).
Vestamid Terra DS is based on polyamide 1010, which is the polycondensation product of 1,10-decamethylene diamine (D) and 1,10-decanedoic diacid.
Comparison of TLC results of the culture filtrates from different treatments revealed that the presence of one yellow spots (acid fraction) comparable to a spot obtained from acid hydrolyzed PS-PUR, suggesting presence of diacid in the culture broth but not in the control.
In a three-step synthesis, trans-4,4'-stilbene bis-(carboxylic acid) was refluxed with thionyl chloride producing the diacid chloride.
For the extraction and quantification of Penicillin G, ammonium diacid phosphate (N[H.
Second, catalytic hydrogenation was used to deprotect the benzylated diacid by removing the benzyl protecting groups.
The reactions begin with a Diels-Alder reaction between 3-sulfolene and maleic anhydride, followed by hydrolysis of the anhydride and completed with esterfication of the diacid.
After G25 spin column purification, Cy-5 diacid was almost completely absorbed, while the labeled primer was all spun down without a decrease of concentration (Fig.
The diacid functionality of L-tartaric acid was protected as dimethyl ester and dihydroxy groups as acetonoid.
Synthesis of Fe3O4/APTES/PEG diacid functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for MR imaging.
a high-growth specialty chemicals company, has commercialized a bio-based diacid that will significantly broaden product portfolios across a variety of industries from automotive and electronics to medical and sporting goods.