diabetogenic factor

di·a·be·to·gen·ic fac·tor

rarely used term for a factor in crude extracts of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis that produces degenerative changes in the islet cells of the pancreas and causes permanent diabetes.
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Serum apo C-III residing on HDL particles revealed to be a key diabetogenic factor among Turks (30).
The diabetogenic factor takes over and the body then pours excess sugar into the bloodstream in an attempt to satisfy this creative frustration.
Stress as a diabetogenic factor. Indian J Physiol Pharm 1981;25:184-8.
It is likely that obesity acts as a diabetogenic factor by increasing insulin resistance in people who are genetically predisposed to develop type-2 diabetes.
The saturated fatty acid palmitate is deemed to be an important diabetogenic factor that links obesity, insulin resistance, and reduced functional beta cell mass [2, 9].
In vitro experiments have unveiled that increase in ICER is partly responsible of the adverse effects elicited by both diabetogenic factors.
Low risk threshold for acquired diabetogenic factors in Asian Indians.