diabetogenic factor

di·a·be·to·gen·ic fac·tor

rarely used term for a factor in crude extracts of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis that produces degenerative changes in the islet cells of the pancreas and causes permanent diabetes.
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It is likely that obesity acts as a diabetogenic factor by increasing insulin resistance in people who are genetically predisposed to develop type-2 diabetes.
Serum apo C-III residing on HDL particles revealed to be a key diabetogenic factor among Turks (30).
Warren and Root wrote in 1925 that--'The pathology, which we find in the pancreas at autopsy rarely represents the initial damage to the organ, but rather the result of a long struggle between regenerative activity of the pancreas and the degenerative changes caused by the diabetogenic factor.
Thus hyperglycemic BALB/c mouse provides a convenient model to identify genetic, dietary and diabetogenic factors contributing to accelerated fatty streak lesions of complex cellularity15.
Low risk threshold for acquired diabetogenic factors in Asian Indians.
The changing lifestyle is bound to have an impact on the increase of the diabetogenic factors.