diabetic maculopathy

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maculopathy, diabetic

A pathological disorder of the macula which frequently develops in diabetic patients. It is characterized by oedema, hard exudates, microaneurysms and ischaemia in the macular area. If the oedema is severe visual acuity will be reduced, but a blue-yellow colour vision defect is usually noted before the loss of acuity. Management involves laser photocoagulation. See background diabetic retinopathy.
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The prospective study, which includes 18 patients (29 eyes) was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of selective RPE treatment in diabetic maculopathy and macular edema.
All patients in such a situation must be referred to their GP for formal diagnosis and management of the systemic condition, as well as referral (as indicated in this case) to HES for management of potentially sight-threatening diabetic maculopathy or other blood disorders.
An optometrist-led diabetic maculopathy (M1) clinic was established by Moorfields at Bedford in May 2010, with the primary aim to reduce the number of false positive M1 referrals resulting in a consultant-led appointment.
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has revolutionised the diagnosis and management of several ocular diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and diabetic maculopathy.
Diabetic maculopathy is one of the chief causes of visual loss in people with diabetes and a common cause of sight impairment registration.