diabetic fetopathy

di·a·bet·ic fe·top·a·thy

fetopathy resulting from maternal diabetes, which may cause macrosomia and fetal death.
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The key manifestation of diabetes is development of diabetic fetopathy. Significant congenital problems are observed in 5-8% of the babies of diabetic mothers (3).
Causes of Death in Cases of Unexpected Intrauterine Fetal Demise (IUFD) by Center (Ctr) (a) Cause of Death in Ctr 1 Ctr 2 Ctr 3 Unexpected IUFD Disseminated fetal infectionb 2 1 1 Diabetic fetopathy 1 Hydrops (immune and nonimmune) 1 2 Significant umbilical cord 6 4 2 abnormality/cord accident Severe placental pathology (c) 10 7 6 Massive fetomaternal 2 hemorrhage Severe maternal disease/ 1 uterine anomaly Undetermined 1 Total 23 14 10 Cause of Death in Ctr 4 Ctr 5 Total, Unexpected IUFD No.
If the outcome variable is the health of the fetus and neonate, then the question should be, "What test identifies women at risk for diabetic fetopathy (macrosomia and neonatal metabolic aberrancy)?" (11).