dhobie itch

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A generally unpleasant sensation in the skin that creates the urge to rub or scratch it; pruritus. Itch is a frequent manifestation of many inflammatory, infectious, and allergic skin disorders (as in most forms of dermatitis); of dry or cracked skin (xerosis); and of systemic illnesses (such as jaundice, hyperbilirubinemia, and some leukemias and lymphomas).

baker's itch

A rash that occurs on the hands and forearms of bakers. It may be due to mechanical or chemical factors.

barber's itch

Sycosis barbae

dhobie itch

Tinea cruris.

frost itch

Winter itch.

grain itch

Dermatitis caused by mites in stored grain.

grocer's itch

Dermatitis caused either by mites in grain or cheese or by sugar.

ground itch

A local irritation produced by penetration of the skin of the foot by hookworm larvae, esp. Necator americanus. Synonym: ancylostomiasis

jock itch

Tinea cruris.

seven-year itch


straw itch

A self-limiting skin condition accompanied by itching due to working in straw or sleeping on a straw mattress. The straw contains a mite that causes the pruritic eruption.

swimmer's itch

The appearance of papules resembling insect bites on the skin of persons who swim in water containing the cercariae of certain schistosomes. It is usually present only on exposed surfaces of the skin. The papules appear from 4 to 13 days after exposure. The disease is self-limited; thus treatment is symptomatic. Synonym: cercarial dermatitis; schistosome dermatitis; water itch

water itch

Swimmer's itch.

winter itch

A mild form of eczematous dermatitis of the lower legs of the elderly during dry periods of the year. The skin contains fine cracks and there is no erythema. The skin should be rehydrated with a cream or emulsion of water in oil.
Synonym: asteatosis cutisasteatotic eczema; frost itch; pruritus hiemalis
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