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A continuing process of degeneration or breaking down, in contrast to evolution.
See also: involution, catabolism.
[L. de-volvo, pp. -volutus, to roll down]


(dĕv′ə-lo͞o′shən, dē′və-)
1. A passing down or descent through successive stages of time or a process.
2. Transference, as of rights or qualities, to a successor.
3. Delegation of authority or duties to a subordinate or substitute.
4. A transfer of powers from a central government to local units.
5. Biology Degeneration.

dev′o·lu′tion·ar′y (-shə-nĕr′ē) adj.
dev′o·lu′tion·ist n.
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We hope that the Fifth Devolution Conference will provide an opportunity to address some of these concerns.
A letter from Sunderland City Council leader Coun Harry Trueman and council chief executive Irene Lucas reads: "It is disappointing that this could not be achieved by a suitable devolution deal being reached for the whole NECA area and without the need for the redrawing of the boundaries, creating two combined authorities in place of one currently.
This comes after the North East devolution deal which included all seven of the region's authorities was shelved in 2016.
On behalf of all the 47 county governments, I congratulate you all on your nomination and look forward to working with you to ensure devolution remains the vehicle that delivers people's aspirations," Nanok said.
Urging the provinces to take interest in the devolution process and do required legislation, Mr Shahi said the committee had twice visited Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab and would visit Peshawar second time on Jan 11.
However, the VCs Committee, a body of the HEC comprising heads of higher education institutions called a meeting to discuss the devolution .
The additional powers for the Assembly and Welsh Ministers will strengthen Welsh devolution and set it on a clear course for the future.
In North Wales we've seen huge investment in job creation, services and infrastructure that would likely never have happened without devolution.
She said the Department of Health (DOH) and other agencies are studying the problems that blocked efficient delivery of health services following the devolution.
How can Mayor Budd also chair the Devolution Committee?
He subsequently served on the Smith Commission which outlined the principles and detail of the new Scottish devolution measures.
Central to the success of devolution will need to be early action to repair the weak relationship between local authorities and businesses.