developmental milestones

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de·vel·op·men·tal mile·stones

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl mīl'stōnz)
The stages in the neuromuscular, mental, or social maturation of an infant or young child, generally marked by the attainment of a capacity or skill, such as rolling over, sitting with good head control, smiling spontaneously, laughing, and following moving objects with the eyes; most of these occur by the age of 2-4 months in the normal infant.
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Judge Lord Clark told him: "Fortunately the child, who is now two, is meeting all his developmental milestones.
When seeking out toys that help children reach developmental milestones, be sure to include building blocks, especially those that take learning a step further.
"Results across both dose cohorts show clinically meaningful improvements in neuromuscular and respiratory function, durable improvements in muscle pathology, and progressive attainment of motor developmental milestones."
Pursuant to the agreement, Amunix will receive an upfront payment from Merck and is eligible to receive payments associated with the achievement of certain developmental milestones as well as royalties on sales of any products derived from the collaboration.
The team encourages paediatric patients and their families to actively participate in their healthcare experience, and strives to ensure children are able to meet their developmental milestones by providing opportunities for play.
Given his developmental milestones, he's quite okay -- but man, the frustration of having to teach after a long day at school.
The research suggested that there is a one in five chance that overweight or obese women will have babies who suffer from multiple regulatory problems, and these babies may also show a delay in some developmental milestones when they reach childhood.
"Every child is individual, and their Indeed, the LEGO research found 71% of parents believe every milestone a child meets, however small, should be celebrated, with more than half (57%) disagreeing with the idea that only recognised developmental milestones should be celebrated.
ACCEPTED DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES Here is a selection of the milestones suggested on the NHS Birth-to-Five Development Timeline: | 4-6 weeks: Starts to smile, and respond to the sounds around them.
The story shows the important developmental milestones all toddlers should reach around their first birthday: standing, walking with help, eating by themselves, etc.
Within this group 83 per cent of infants had achieved their developmental milestones - an increase of four per cent on the 2017 figure.

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