developmental domains

de·vel·op·men·tal do·mains

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl dō-mānz')
The five areas of child development: language, motor, cognitive, social-emotional, and self-help skills.
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They pointed out that the Kingdom's stand with Sudan is not temporary but permanent on various occasions including political, economic and developmental domains.
He highlighted herein the Russian Federation's "central role in the policy of the region" and its "close relations with Lebanon and all the major countries, including the countries that are witnessing wars and conflicts, especially Syria, because it [Russia] plays a significant role in ensuring stability and working on reconstruction." "Additionally, the Russian university and educational presence in Lebanon through thousands of graduates during the Soviet and Federal era has become an influential presence in all political, economic, cultural, academic, social and developmental domains; thus foreseeing a prominent future for Russia's graduates from Lebanon and the region, rendering them as new ambassadors and businessmen in Lebanon and Russia," he maintained.
He added that the project which was launched from the Italian city of Mantua, is supported by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and a number of the international institutions working in the humanitarian, cultural and developmental domains.
It consists of 11 principles (based on the acronym RIGOROUS DAP) to help early childhood educators make instructional decisions that address children's developmental domains and what they need to know to succeed in school, focusing on academic rigor and developmentally appropriate practices: reaching all children, integrating content areas, growing as a community, offering choices, revisiting new content, offering challenges, understanding each learner, seeing the whole child, differentiating instruction, assessing constantly, and pushing every child forward.
This disability refers to the manifestation of delays, regressions or deviations in the cognitive-adaptive, sensorimotor, communication, social, emotional or behavioral developmental domains of a child.
Healthy child development includes not only physical developmental domains but also emotional, behavioral, cognitive, language, and general learning competencies.
(1) Family-centered care helps to promote positive outcomes with early intervention (across developmental domains), and there's increasing evidence that parent-training programs can be effective in promoting skill generalization and targeting core impairments in toddlers with autism.
As the clinical presentation of GDD may be heterogeneous the oral findings depend on the developmental domains affected.
In Canada, the Early Years Evaluation-Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA; The Learning Bar, 2016) is used in every province to screen kindergarten children for potential delays in five developmental domains foundational to early learning and overall success: (1) Awareness of Self and the Environment, (2) Social Skills and Behaviour, (3) Cognitive Abilities, (4) Language and Communication and (5) Physical Development.
Very preterm birth is associated with disabilities in multiple developmental domains. J Pediatr Psychol 2005;30(3):247-55.
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