developmental anomaly

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marked deviation from normal. adj., adj anom´alous.
Axenfeld's anomaly a developmental anomaly characterized by a circular opacity of the posterior peripheral cornea, and caused by an irregularly thickened, axially displaced Schwalbe's ring.
congenital anomaly (developmental anomaly) absence, deformity, or excess of body parts as the result of faulty development of the embryo.
Ebstein's anomaly see ebstein's anomaly.
May-Hegglin anomaly a rare dominantly inherited disorder of blood cell morphology, characterized by RNA-containing cytoplasmic inclusions (similar to Döhle bodies) in granulocytes, by large, poorly granulated platelets, and by thrombocytopenia.
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de·vel·op·men·tal a·nom·a·ly

an anomaly established during intrauterine life; a congenital anomaly.
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de·vel·op·men·tal a·nom·a·ly

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl ă-nom'ă-lē)
An anomaly established during intrauterine life.
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de·vel·op·men·tal a·nom·a·ly

(dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl ă-nom'ă-lē)
Anomaly established during intrauterine life; a congenital anomaly.
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Q. Is it a birth defect in children? I know about the causes of autism. Is it a birth defect in children?

A. it's not an easy answer i'm afraid...there are congenital differences, but no "birth defect" that we can detect. there's a good pdf file that gives a full explanation about it...i think you'll find it useful:

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The "pelvic digit"--an unusual developmental anomaly. Skeletal Radiol 1982;9:118-22.
A congenital lacrimal fistula is a rare developmental anomaly that is caused by an interruption in the embryogenesis of the nasolacrimal system.
Regional odontodysplasia (RO) is defined as a localized developmental anomaly involving both deciduous various terms, such as arrested tooth development"4, shell teeth"5, unilateral dental malformation"6, and ghost teeth"7.
To the best of our knowledge, the specific developmental anomaly in our patient has not been previously described.
INTRODUCTION: Ectopic liver (EL) is a rare developmental anomaly in which the liver tissue is situated outside the liver and has no hepatic connection.
Hypodontia as a result of congenital absence of teeth is a common developmental anomaly of human den- tition1 and it leads to various clinical complications.
Additional support comes from the microscopic features of the lesional tissue that show greater departure from the arrangement of the normal odontogenic apparatus than should be expected in a developmental anomaly. Based on currently available evidence, that AOT is "most appropriately considered a benign embryonal neoplasm".
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INTRODUCTION: Crouzon's syndrome is a developmental anomaly of first branchial arch.
Palatogingival grooves are also one such developmental anomaly that are found primarily on maxillary incisors and can lead to alveolar bone loss, clinical attachment loss and pocket formation.
Fibrous dyplasia is a developmental anomaly of the bone that is characterized by the replacement of normal bone by fibro-osseous tissue.

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