developmental age

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1. the duration, or the measure of time of the existence of a person or object.
2. to undergo change as a result of passage of time.
achievement age a measure of achievement expressed in terms of the chronologic age of a normal child showing the same degree of attainment.
chronologic age the actual measure of time elapsed since a person's birth.
developmental age
1. age estimated from the degree of anatomical development.
2. in psychology, the age of an individual determined by degree of emotional, mental, anatomical, and physiological maturation.
gestational age see gestational age.
mental age the age level of mental ability of a person as gauged by standard intelligence tests.

de·vel·op·men·tal age

1. age estimated by anatomic development since fertilization;
2. age of a person estimated from the degree of anatomic, physiologic, mental, and emotional maturation.

developmental age (DA)

an expression of a child's maturational progress stated in age and determined by standardized measurements, as of body size and dimensions; by social and psychological functioning; by motor skills; and by mental and aptitude tests. Compare achievement age, developmental quotient, mental age.

de·vel·op·men·tal age

(DA) (dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl āj)
1. Age estimated by anatomic development since fertilization.
2. Age of a person estimated from the degree of anatomic, physiologic, mental, and emotional maturation.
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However, as adolescents become older, parental influence gives way to peer influence (Berndt, 1979; Brody & Shaffer, 1982), and research needs to revisit the interplay among parental influence, peer influence, and developmental age.
The cognition and communication sub-domains of the BDI were administered by trained personnel during visits to the home to establish children's respective developmental ages.
However, it is precisely this information that is needed to analyze at which developmental age which alternative-compensatory means of acquiring the skill become available to a child who is blind.
Even though he looks like an eight-year-old, he has a developmental age of two.
A: I believe that it's part of a parent's job to limit the amount of media exposure kids get, tailoring it to both the chronological and developmental age of the child.
provision of health care services in the following areas: rehabilitation of children with developmental age in the center / day hospital, in the counties dzierzoniowski 0202, 0207 kamiennogErski, 0208 klodzki, 0219 swidnicki, 0221 walbrzyski, 0224 zabkowicki
As kids become increasingly more tech-savvy at early ages, educational learning companies are doing more to capitalize on the growing appeal to pique children's attention to learning at this critical, developmental age," said Dr.
However, for those people who are raising a child with a developmental disability, chronological age is not as important as developmental age, and we can see a child upwards of 6-10 years old through teenagehood and even adulthood who still place non-food objects in their mouths.
Although he is now 11 he has a developmental age of four and has behavioural problems which his parents believe stem from his difficulties in communicating.
The researchers studied 12- to 26-week-old rats because their developmental age is comparable to that of human teenagers, who are some of the heaviest users of mobile phones.
provision of health services in the rehabilitation of children with developmental age in the center / day hospital in the glogowski 0203, 0204 gErowski, 0205 jaworski, 0209 Legnica, Lubin 0211, 0216 polkowicki, 0226 zlotoryjski, 0262 Legnica.
They offer multiple classrooms based on a child's developmental age, a large activity area, a cafeteria for socialized dining with a full work-space kitchen, multiple outdoor play areas and school buses with seat belts for transporting older children to elementary schools and field trips.

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