developmental age

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1. the duration, or the measure of time of the existence of a person or object.
2. to undergo change as a result of passage of time.
achievement age a measure of achievement expressed in terms of the chronologic age of a normal child showing the same degree of attainment.
chronologic age the actual measure of time elapsed since a person's birth.
developmental age
1. age estimated from the degree of anatomical development.
2. in psychology, the age of an individual determined by degree of emotional, mental, anatomical, and physiological maturation.
gestational age see gestational age.
mental age the age level of mental ability of a person as gauged by standard intelligence tests.
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de·vel·op·men·tal age

1. age estimated by anatomic development since fertilization;
2. age of a person estimated from the degree of anatomic, physiologic, mental, and emotional maturation.
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de·vel·op·men·tal age

(DA) (dĕ-vel'ŏp-men'tăl āj)
1. Age estimated by anatomic development since fertilization.
2. Age of a person estimated from the degree of anatomic, physiologic, mental, and emotional maturation.
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All the variables showed a normal distribution (p > 0.05), except the following ones: raw scores of subscale B with (p = .004) and without (p = .006) accommodations; developmental ages of subscale B with (p = .014) and without (p = .019) accommodations; and developmental ages of subscale E with (p = .005) and without (p = .005) accommodations.
We can also mention the fact that the 8-week difference between the chronological and the developmental age was recovered over the following 6,5 months of kinesiotherapy.
A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was conducted to examine whether parenting factors predicted how often a student drank alcohol in the past 30 days and whether developmental age moderated this relationship.
Reed has been appointed assistant coach of the developmental England Under-18s squad, and will travel to Paris for the European Championships in April as part of his job helping out with one of the national team's most important developmental age groups.
Despite the seemingly ubiquitous attention career choice and development theories have paid to childhood processes, researchers and practitioners have been rightly criticized for their relative disregard of this developmental age period.
Looking after a fully-grown adult with the developmental age of a one-and-a-half-year-old would require the patience and strength of a saint.
"The housework pressures could be reduced by sharing tasks like washing up or washing the car with children, according to their developmental age; it can be fun and good for their self esteem too." More than 1,000 mothers were interviewed for the poll commissioned by Bold 2 in1 Crushed Silk and Jasmine.: When second's best:Erin Martin, WM's lifecoach who is a mother to three young children, suggests mums should forget about perfection and strive to be good enough instead.
Groups were matched on developmental age and sex and observed during both a home-based independent play situation and classroom-based free play.
See Paul Hanley Furfey, The Growing Boy: Case Studies of Developmental Age (New York, 1930), 65-66.
Children were defined as developmentally delayed if the difference between their developmental age and chronologic age was greater than half a month.
The literature on developmental toxicology (Wilson 1977) and developmental neurotoxicology (Rodier 1980; Vorhees 1986) contains many examples of the stage-specificity of structural and functional damage in laboratory animal species that depends on developmental age. Thus, developmental age of maturation is most relevant for interspecies comparison.
In many cases the results provide a comparative developmental age or at least a deviation in terms of years and or months compared to typical development.

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