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pertaining to development.
developmental disorder
2. a former classification of chronic disorders of mental development with onset in childhood. Such disorders are now classifed as mental retardation, learning disorders, motor skills disorder, communication disorders, or pervasive developmental disorders.
developmental tasks fundamental achievements that must be accomplished at each stage of life, arising at or near critical stages in the maturation of an individual; successful attainment leads to a healthy self-image and success with later tasks. Failure to achieve developmental tasks at one stage leads to unhappiness in the individual, disapproval of society, and difficulty in accomplishing later developmental tasks.

Two major primary origins of developmental tasks are physical maturation and cultural pressures and privileges. Secondary origins are derived from the first two and are found in the aspirations and values of the individual.

Family developmental tasks are those that must be attained to assure survival of the family and its continuance as a unit. Examples include (1) providing shelter, food, clothing, health care, and other essentials needed by its members, (2) establishing ways of interacting, communicating, and expressing affection, (3) maintaining morale and motivation, (4) rewarding achievement, (5) meeting personal and family crises, (6) setting attainable goals for family members, and (7) developing family loyalties and values.


pertaining to development.

developmental anomaly
absence, deformity or excess of body parts as the result of faulty development of the embryo. Called also developmental defect.
developmental defect
see developmental anomaly (above).

Patient discussion about developmental

Q. Is pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or autism is fatal……what exactly it is……?

A. Autism is not fatal in its symptom and progression but it can become fatal as it does impair normal physiological function it CAN BE a fatal condition. It’s a group of illness which involves delays in the development of basic skills. It happens to children below age 3. It affects the child`s ability to communicate and interact. Autism affected children are also found to be mentally retarded.

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Ontario will continue to work with people with developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers, agencies and other community partners to increase connections, and help them best determine their own future.
Developmental Tracker (developmental and/or autism screening, including results and referrals for follow-up)
Early detection is crucial in addressing developmental disorders.
Despite the best of intentions, none of the members of the inter-professional healthcare team that participated in the encounter were able to identify that this patient had a developmental disorder.
There was agreement in the findings of both Vasquez (2003) and Schurter (2002) that there should be a certain structure to teaching a developmental mathematics class.
United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties (UCPLA) operates over 41 program sites throughout five counties in Southern California and has extended its mission to serve all people with developmental disabilities.
National and state experience shows that employers can expect increased performance and reduced turnover when hiring the right person for a job - and that person also happens to have a developmental disability.
In the Air Force, however, officers selected for developmental education have little input into the school they attend.
Sensitivity, intensity, drivenness (Lovecky, 1992), and developmental asynchrony (Silverman, 1997), rather than disability or pathology or a "bad attitude," may actually be at the root of behavior problems.
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Part five surveys the latest research findings regarding attachment-based supports and interventions--and discusses them in relation to parents and children of different developmental ages.
Now, those of you who know me are prepared for me to launch into my laundry list of developmental attributes of the camp experience.

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