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devata (dā·väˑ·t),

n in Sanskrit, the process of gaining knowledge. It is one of the three components of the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures considered sources of pure knowledge. According to Vedic sciences, interactions of devata, rishi, and chhandas give rise to matter. See also veda, rishi, and chhandas.
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This is reflected in the subject matter that predominates in the cave paintings: the Buddha teaching, Jataka tales, bodhisattvas, and flying musical devatas (Tucker, 154-5).
ihaka katha suni viraha jvala bhela (22) 'having learnt/heard' satru mari devata sabaka sananda karu (62) 'having killed' - e/<-ya> he priya loke
Seyfarth Shaw's Pamela Devata to testify about misperceptions regarding the use of employment credit reports by employers
Vadnagar is Modi's birthplace and Hatkeshwar is kul devata of his family.
All the images of parivara devata of Shiva, as they are sculpted out side the structure on the doorframes, are in great danger", he added.
These Amman, (6) Naga Devata, and Ayyapan stories--which are by and large social but with the element of divine intervention--represent the transformation from epic-based narratives towards more folk and social themes.
Teaching is provided in eleven classes by top performers/teachers from the CR and abroad: Peter Holtslag (Netherlands--recorder and Baroque flute), Jostein Gundersen (Norway--recorder), Kerstin de Witt (Germany--recorder), Rebecca Stewart (Netherlands--historical singing), Mami Irisawa (Japan--historical singing), Jan Rokyta (CR--recorder), Liselotte Rokyta (CR--flute), Julie Brana (CR--recorder), Monika Devata (CR--recorder, children's class), Jan Kvapil (CR--recorder), Edita Keglerova (CR--harpsichord).
atha ha sunahsepa iksam asa (37) iksam asa amanusam iva vai ma visasisyanti hanta devata upadhavaniti Then Sunahsepa considered, "They will slaughter me as though I were not a human; let me have recourse to gods.
They are called deva, devata and vyantara devata, meaning deity, divinity, and half-way between deity and divinity, respectively.
Pamela Quigley Devata is a partner in the Labor and Employment Department of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, based in the firm's Chicago office.
On the way to the station I stop at Chitai temple, which is dedicated to the local deity, Golu Devata -- the god of justice -- to tie bells as is the custom.
Agartala, July 21 (ANI): The weeklong historical Kharchi festival began here in the presence of thousands of devotees at the Chaturdasha Devata Temple.