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 (D) [doo-tēr´e-um]
the mass 2 isotope of hydrogen; it is available as a gas or heavy water and has been used as a tracer or indicator in metabolic studies.
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hy·dro·gen 2

(2H) (hī'drō-jen)
The isotope of hydrogen 2 of atomic weight 2; the less common stable isotope of hydrogen-2 making up 0.015% of the hydrogen-2 atoms occurring in nature.
Synonym(s): deuterium.
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1. Gaseous element, atomic no. 1, atomic wt. 1.00794.
2. Molecular form (H2) of the element.
[hydro- + G. -gen, producing]
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To analyze and research the global Deuterium capacity, production, value, consumption, status and forecast;
Chemical analysis of water with different deuterium content was performed by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry on the ICP-QMS Agilent 7500CE spectrometer (Agilent Technologies, USA) [15].
The Open Pool Australian Light-Water (OPAL) reactor, located at the Lucas Heights Research Laboratory in Sydney, has a vertically installed, 20 L, liquid deuterium cold neutron source.
Thus, from above mentioned it follows that lengthening of CR by adding [D.sub.2]O is caused by decreasing the possibility of biochemical processes running through the appropriate energy levels in deuterium atoms, which, being caused by mass difference, are spatially shifted towards the nucleus in comparison with analogous levels in hydrogen.
Preparata, the first phase, known as I[+ or -], is the most obvious, but there are three phases in which the deuterium gas can be absorbed by the palladium.
[11] bismuth, ruthenium, deuterium, uranium, iodine
Key words: catalyser; cold neutron beam; cryogenic converter; ortho-deuterium; ortho-para conversion; Raman spectroscopy; scattering cross sections; single crystal; solid deuterium; ultracold neutrons.
In an atmosphere of deuterium gas, this generated positively charged atoms and accelerated them to high energy in a beam.
Since for many years no other source or sink for hydrogen besides reaction with OH radicals in the atmosphere was thought capable of producing "the significant enrichment of deuterium in [hydrogen gas (H2)] the atmosphere near the Earth's surface," UC Berkeley said Boering "decided to look for an answer to this enigma in the upper atmosphere."
According to Shimadzu, the new AA-6200 system includes flame and furnace AA with true double beam optics, deuterium background as standard, a PC, and the ASC-6100 autosampler.
The procedure that Pans and Fleischmann reported consisted of sending a current through platinum and palladium electrodes into an electrolyte of lithium compounds dissolved in heavy water -- water in which normal hydrogen is replaced with a heavier hydrogen isotope, deuterium. The chemists believed fusion occurred as the result of deuterium nuclei fusing to form helium or tritium with release of energy in the form of heat.