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defective color vision, with confusion of greens and reds, and retention of the sensory mechanism for only the hues of blue and yellow. adj., adj deuteranop´ic.


A person affected with deuteranopia.


Person who has deuteranopia.
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2014) found different selections for real protanopes and real deuteranopes.
R] values below one for real deuteranopes (they see the pseudoachromatic greens darker).
R] values similar to those provided by real protanopes but not by real deuteranopes.
Post hoc analysis for R signals shows that normals have significantly shorter response times than do all color-deficient groups except for protanomals, and that protanomals have significantly shorter reaction times than do deuteranopes.
The differences are statistically significant, except for normal participants between G and Y signals, for deuteranomals between G and Y signals, for deuteranopes between R and Y signals, for protanomals for Y signals with both R and G signals, and for protanopes for Y signals with both R and G signals.
Green', say, just means something different to the deuteranope from what it means to most people.
This is because the recognition criterion required identification of whether a stop or go traffic light signal was displayed, and deuteranopes are known to have difficulty recognizing the colors of signal lights (Vingrys & Cole, 1988).
Search conspicuity for the deuteranopes is about 60% of that found for color-normal observers, except for the yellow warning signs, green direction signs, blue parking signs, and speed restriction signs, for which conspicuity did not differ between the two groups of observers.
The classification plates are more effective for deuteranopes than protanopes, with a correct classification possible for around 90% of deuteranopes and around 80% of protanopes.
22) All deuteranopes and 96% of protanopes failed the test.
Age in Years Protanope Deuteranope Tritonope 30-40 -- -- 3 41-50 2 1 6 51-60 -- 1 5 61-70 2 2 8
Age in Years Protanope Deuteranope Tritonope 30-40 -- -- -- 41-50 -- -- -- 51-60 1 1 -- 61-70 -- -- --