detrusor stability

de·tru·sor sta·bil·i·ty

the property of a detrusor to accommodate increasing bladder volume without significant increase in detrusor pressure and without involuntary detrusor contraction.
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Differences between the groups and inside the group were evaluated in terms of detrusor stability and bladder wall thickness.
When subjects with idiopathic lower urinary system dysfunction were classified according to detrusor stability, unstable detrusor contractions were found in 39 patients (64%) and not found in 22 (36%) patients.
Distribution of patients by bladder wall thickness and detrusor stability Bladder with thin wall and 22 19% stable contractility Bladder with thick wall 26 23% and stable contractility Bladder with thin wall and 22 19% Unstable contractility Bladder with thick wall and 44 39% unstable contractility Note: Table made from pie chart.