detrusor hyperactivity

detrusor hyperactivity, detrusor hyperreflexia

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For suspected cases of overactive bladder, detrusor hyperactivity is noted during filling phase, but the contractions are smooth and gradually rise with pressure (see Figure 10).
The major findings were bladder wall trabeculation (5/8 cases) and bladder ulcer or hypervascularity in cystoscopy (2/8 cases), detrusor hyperactivity (7/8 cases) and low compliance of bladder (4/8 cases) according to that study (3).
Injections of botulinum toxin a into the detrusor vesicae for treatment of refractory detrusor hyperactivity in non-neurological patients.
This factor can affect detrusor hyperactivity, sphincter activity, voided volume and residual volume.
Detrusor hyperactivity or overactive bladder syndrome has been cited as the main reason for urination disorders in patients with PD.
Urinary dysfunction with detrusor hyperactivity in women with Parkinson's disease cannot be blamed as a factor of worsening motor performance.
Other etiologies may contribute to OAB symptoms in this patient population, including BOO, detrusor underactivity or detrusor hyperactivity with impaired contractility, with an elevated PVR.
Detrusor hyperactivity with impaired contractile function: an unrecognised but common cause of incontinence in elderly patients.
Collectively, these findings indicate detrusor overactivity with impaired contractility (originally labelled detrusor hyperactivity with impaired contractility [DHIC]) of the detrusor, a common urodynamic finding among frail elder adults (Liu, Chan, & Tse, 2014; Resnick & Yalla, 1987).