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(dē-tŏks′) Informal
v. de·toxed, de·toxing, de·toxes
To subject (someone or something) to detoxification; detoxify: was taken to the hospital to be detoxed; detoxed their apartment.
To undergo detoxification: checked in to the clinic to detox.
n. (dē′tŏks′)
1. A facility or a section of a hospital or clinic in which people undergo detoxification from alcohol or drugs.
2. A course of treatment involving alcohol or drug detoxification.
3. A short-term health regimen involving procedures thought to remove toxins from the body, such as drinking large amounts of liquid, eating a restricted diet or fasting, taking nutritional supplements, and undergoing enemas.
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Colloquial term for detoxification.
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Patient discussion about detox

Q. What is Detox diet and is it healthy? Where it’s unhealthy?

A. It’s a diet plan to reduce the intake of toxins in the body, which you take from pollution and foods. Here you intake only natural foods like fruits or vegetables. Some even prefers taking water. It helps to detox i.e. remove the toxicity, which helps in the treatment of headaches, bloating, fatigue, lower immune system. As this does not provide all the nutrients to the body so it shall not be continued for long, like more than 3-4 days. On the other hand, pregnant women, children and diabetics shall not go for detox diet. Anyone else on strict diet shall avoid it.

Q. Can anyone give some important information on detox diet? Hi everyone. I am 25 years old and my weight is 74. I know I am overweight and to reduce this I have tried many diets. None of them satisfied me. As I am having some skin problems, so my friend suggested me to have detox diet. He says this will help in making skin glow and will help in weight reduction. I am getting interested in detox diet and soon I will start on it. I was here to get some information. Can anyone give some important information on detox diet?

A. I think it’s good for skin if your skin lacks nutrition and the glow it must exhibit. But if any infection is their then it will not cure it. As the detox diet is a simple diet with juice and fruits. It helps in weight reduction but will also not give you complete diet which is required by an adult of your age. Please do not replace your diet with detox diet. It will make you short of essential nutrition.

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The main principle of detoxes stem exactly from the same flaw, as toward all chronic diseases, as I have emphasized in Lyme Disease and Petri Dish Mentality and other FCT media, petri-dish mentality, itself.
Concerning cellular matrix, mitochondria, liposomes, or bad detoxifying gene and detox stages, how does one know exactly, or by what reliable tests, where these detoxes or 'healing nutrients' exactly go?
How Can We Avoid this Detox-Retox Gamble and, Perhaps, Put Some of the Existing Detoxes to a Better and Safer Use?
In this regard, detoxes involve pharmacologic intervention along with psychological support.
Since detoxes typically involve diet modification and often calorie restriction, weight loss is a typical result.
In addition, there is little research establishing safety, efficacy, indications, and contraindications for detoxes. This article reports on three pilot studies of detoxes: (1) a survey of naturopathic medical student detox experiences; (2) a symptom survey of people currently undergoing a detox; and (3) a phone survey of general public who have used detox.
From this literature, a 60-question survey was developed to obtain a broad overview of the perceptions and experiences with detoxes. Following IRB approval, the survey was administered to naturopathic medical students at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM).
For example, types of detoxes were organized to fit in the categories of Kit/Supplement, Juice/Tea, Fast, Dietary changes, and Other.
The first pilot study collected people's experience with detoxes. Students at NCNM provided a convenient population who had completed a large number of detoxes, making data readily available.
Table 1: Characteristics of Respondent of NCNM Survey Survey Response N=390% Female 76 Age 21-29 51 Age 30+ 44 Ethnicity Caucasian 83 Hispanic/Latin 3 African American 1 Other 11 Vegetarians 15 Consume > 5 servings/day of fruits and vegetables 35 Consume Alcohol 60 Nonsmokers 82 Overweight 15 Survey questions covered knowledge and use of detoxes. Many students had completed more than one detox.
Several types of detoxes were used frequently among NCNM students.
Figure 1: Data for the various types of detoxes are expressed in percentage of respondents out of 390.