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the theory that all phenomena are the result of antecedent conditions, nothing occurs by chance, and there is no free will.
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The proposition that all behavior is caused exclusively by genetic and environmental influences with no random components, and independent of free will.
[L. determino, to limit, fr. terminus, boundary + -ism]
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The proposition that all behavior is caused exclusively by genetic and environmental influences with no random components, and independent of free will.
[L. determino, to limit, fr. terminus, boundary + -ism]
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Patient discussion about determinism

Q. Is it effective to determine the problem? How is the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy done and is it effective to determine the problem?

A. actually it will come with three common symptoms such as : positive pregnancy, abdominal pain or cramp, and bleeding. if you're happened to feel one of those symptoms, i'll suggest you to go see your ob-gyn specialist, then the doctor will do the physical examination on you, and will confirm the diagnosis with ultrasound.

Q. In which month of pregnancy it's possible to determine gender of the fetus?

A. following marin's question - is there a difference when it comes to twins?

Q. how do i determine what is the right weight i need to be? i know there is a way to calculate it, an equation , what are the parameters in it ?

A. I don't mean to burst any bubbles, but BMI is definitely not a good way to determine what weight you should be. If you considered that a body builder or a professional athlete is considered obese under BMI standards then you would know what I mean. Here is an article about it I found on Medical News Today:

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Oliver (2011) and Selwyn (2010) argued that research is necessary within education that critically questions technological determinist assumptions, and seeks to consider alternate ways of thinking about technology and learning that recognizes the agency of human actors, and the social factors involved with using technology in education.
This suggests that the concepts of sex and gender are far more complicated than what biological determinist school can purely explain.
In contrast, in reading the writings of determinists, it is often unclear just what their case is for accepting determinism.
This would contradict the hard determinist's argument that although an agent's will is causally efficacious, she lacks alternate possibilities.
emphasize that exercise / physical activity is a particularly effective way of controlling body weight in individuals with a genetic predisposition towards obesity and thus contrast with the determinist view held by many that genetic influences are unmodifiable," authors said.
It would be advantageous for Gilad's opponents if he were, as they claim, a banal biological determinist who simply dislikes people according to the lottery of their DNA.
It also stands at odds with a determinist view that capitalism is heading for its inevitable doom--a view that infected many communists of the 20th century and still lurks as wishful thinking among those trying to understand this monstrous construct.
Sticking to the analysis of how personal qualities and dispositions have influenced their leadership, the author avoids any historicist or determinist interpretation, explicitly contrasting his work with the cyclical theory of Stephen Skowronek's 'The Politics That Presidents Make ...'(p.
There is also the dilemma of determinism which is that to urge another to become a determinist is to assume he or she can make such a choice.
The Sorites paradoxes are associated with Eubulides of Miletus (fourth century B.C.) and they say that there is not a clear frontier between visible and invisible matter, determinist and indeterminist principle, stable and unstable matter, long time living and short time living matter.
Ian Morris raises some interesting questions but seems to me to take too determinist a position.