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the theory that all phenomena are the result of antecedent conditions, nothing occurs by chance, and there is no free will.
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The proposition that all behavior is caused exclusively by genetic and environmental influences with no random components, and independent of free will.
[L. determino, to limit, fr. terminus, boundary + -ism]
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The proposition that all behavior is caused exclusively by genetic and environmental influences with no random components, and independent of free will.
[L. determino, to limit, fr. terminus, boundary + -ism]
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Patient discussion about determinism

Q. Is it effective to determine the problem? How is the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy done and is it effective to determine the problem?

A. actually it will come with three common symptoms such as : positive pregnancy, abdominal pain or cramp, and bleeding. if you're happened to feel one of those symptoms, i'll suggest you to go see your ob-gyn specialist, then the doctor will do the physical examination on you, and will confirm the diagnosis with ultrasound.

Q. In which month of pregnancy it's possible to determine gender of the fetus?

A. following marin's question - is there a difference when it comes to twins?

Q. how do i determine what is the right weight i need to be? i know there is a way to calculate it, an equation , what are the parameters in it ?

A. I don't mean to burst any bubbles, but BMI is definitely not a good way to determine what weight you should be. If you considered that a body builder or a professional athlete is considered obese under BMI standards then you would know what I mean. Here is an article about it I found on Medical News Today:

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To posit a causal relation between print and democracy, then, is what Warner and others have called "technological determinism." It is a historiographic fallacy, in that "[w]hat have historically become the characteristics of printing have been projected backward as its natural, essential logic" (1990, 9).
Given determinism, the pre-existence of crime at t0 is not metaphysically problematic, but unless we solve the epistemological problem of conclusively detecting its presence, we are not justified in prepunishing its perpetrator.
Even a version of determinism that relies on a complex conception of causation may alarm some.
Perhaps the ultimate decision between free will and determinism is not a matter of philosophy, but resembles religious faith.
There are, she argues, important historically conditioned differences between Stoic and modern forms of determinism, and the modern issue of the compatibility of free will with determinism arises neither for the Stoics nor for their ancient critics.
Traditionally, determinism has been clearly defined as the view "that the will is not free but determined by psychical or physical conditions" (Runes, 1962, p.
Overview of the Philosophical Assumptions Underlying the Subjective and Objective Dimensions (Burrell and Morgan, 1979) Objective perspective Subjective perspective Ontology Realism Nominalist Epistemology Positivist Anti-positivist Human Nature Determinism Voluntarism Methodology Nomothetic Ideographic Table 2.
"Not measured in proportions of breast to waist to hips, [the ideal body constructed in this collection] emerges here, stacked for 'resistance,' 'revision,' 'subversion,' and 'control.'" Even if the representational control this volume celebrates is not always possible, I applaud Bennett, Dickerson, and their contributors for initiating recovery of the Black female body through a great deal of determinism and a " little bit" of refocusing.
determinism. Is Richard self-motivated, with a mind twisted to match his twisted body, or does an all-powerful god preordain his choices?
One of McBride's major goals in this work is to refute the idea of technological determinism and demonstrate instead the importance of culture in technological innovation.
His remark appropriately captures the way in which the HGP accentuates biological explanations of the human condition and tends to reinforce the concept of genetic determinism.
The purpose of such a personal investigation, particularly regarding rehabilitation counselors, lies in the philosophical principles of free will and determinism which are generally regarded as the originating sources of contemporary counseling theory (Furlong, 1981).