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1. To grow worse in function or condition.
2. To weaken or disintegrate.

Patient discussion about deteriorate

Q. my mother have stem replacement for a coronary artery oclusion is already 2 years she physically deteriorating since surgery why???? please help she does not have energy

A. I agree with Dagmar. It can be most likely caused by another occlusion or re-occlusion inside the heart blood vessels. Since that is a life-threatening case, I strongly suggest you to bring your mother into a hospital (for complete check up), or just call your cardiologist to have first treatment.

Meanwhile, that will be better if you have emergency oxygen (just in case you'll need it) with you.

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At the same time, no deteriorative changes were observed in tensile properties of the epoxy.
To delay the onset of deteriorative oxidation processes during storage, many food additives have been synthesized and are widely used in food industry [2].
Specialists in food, packaging, specific types of food, and other areas discuss deteriorative processes and factors influencing shelf life, methods for evaluating shelf life and stability, and the stability and shelf life of particular products.
The enzymes that usually have deteriorative effects on carrots are the peroxidases and catalase.
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He then reviews the various types of deteriorative reactions in food and the extrinsic factors controlling the rates of deteriorative reactions.
Edible films offer protection against deteriorative processes.
MARGIN DETERIORATION: Marked decline in generally break-even operating trends which may have a deteriorative effect on OU's financial cushion or ability to service debt from operations.
The harshest impact is at 50[degrees]C +UV ageing condition and such remarkable reductions in the ductility reflects the deteriorative effect of the such ageing condition.