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1. To grow worse in function or condition.
2. To weaken or disintegrate.
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Patient discussion about deteriorate

Q. my mother have stem replacement for a coronary artery oclusion is already 2 years she physically deteriorating since surgery why???? please help she does not have energy

A. I agree with Dagmar. It can be most likely caused by another occlusion or re-occlusion inside the heart blood vessels. Since that is a life-threatening case, I strongly suggest you to bring your mother into a hospital (for complete check up), or just call your cardiologist to have first treatment.

Meanwhile, that will be better if you have emergency oxygen (just in case you'll need it) with you.

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The blue light, through deterioration or damage, flickered out.
The home-keeping wit, on the other hand, is that continence or content which finds all the elements of life in its own soil; and which has its own perils of monotony and deterioration, if not stimulated by foreign infusions.
Hence a great number of such as were professionally expressers of Beauty, as painters, poets, musicians, and actors, have been more than others wont to lead a life of pleasure and indulgence; all but the few who received the true nectar; and, as it was a spurious mode of attaining freedom, as it was an emancipation not into the heavens but into the freedom of baser places, they were punished for that advantage they won, by a dissipation and deterioration. But never can any advantage be taken of nature by a trick.
Playmore's letter had not prepared me for the serious deterioration in him which I could now discern.
Xavier Rabourdin, deeply impressed by the trials and poverty which he witnessed in the lives of the government clerks, endeavored to ascertain the cause of their growing deterioration. He found it in those petty partial revolutions, the eddies, as it were, of the storm of 1789, which the historians of great social movements neglect to inquire into, although as a matter of fact it is they which have made our manners and customs what they are now.
In addition, asset quality exhibits deteriorations triggered by the lending slowdown and the seasoning of consumer loans.
Capital metrics remain weak but on a positive trend; therefore, Fitch believes this could provide cushion and flexibility against asset quality deterioration.
This system indicates relative health of the infrastructure elements for the four most common deteriorations encountered in SHS: protective systems, corrosion, fatigue and fracture, and impacts or overloads.
In the absence of a mechanistic-based deterioration model that requires quantitative contribution of these complex phenomena based on environmental effects and maintenance constraints, steel hydraulic structure's (SHS) inspection data can be used to determine the need for rehabilitation or replacement and prioritize the order of work and funding.
The goal and the news of this paper is to establish general relations for the fatigue strength and fatigue life of mechanical structures, taking into consideration the deteriorations produced by preloading, as well as fatigue preloading effect on the quasi-static mechanical characteristics.
2) evidenced the decrease of the mechanical characteristics values following deteriorations produced by preloading, which agree to the theoretical relations established.