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1. To grow worse in function or condition.
2. To weaken or disintegrate.

Patient discussion about deteriorate

Q. my mother have stem replacement for a coronary artery oclusion is already 2 years she physically deteriorating since surgery why???? please help she does not have energy

A. I agree with Dagmar. It can be most likely caused by another occlusion or re-occlusion inside the heart blood vessels. Since that is a life-threatening case, I strongly suggest you to bring your mother into a hospital (for complete check up), or just call your cardiologist to have first treatment.

Meanwhile, that will be better if you have emergency oxygen (just in case you'll need it) with you.

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Afrim Gashi member of the Initiative Council of the BESA Movement explained the political views of the BESA Movement stressing that "the country deteriorates the interethnic relations".
As the beetle infestation continues to spread and trees already dead continue to deteriorate, opportunities to produce primary wood products decline rapidly (9), (10).
As was the case at Kingsbury, she was certainly not neglected there at all, but the trauma of moving and the confusion of being in a different environment has caused her health to deteriorate.
Asked about the consequences of Britain withdrawing its remaining contingent of 5,500 troops, he said: "The situation will continue to deteriorate.
As people reach age 30, the neural mechanisms that form memories begin to deteriorate.
We need to do that because we want to leave a legacy to our children, and a standard of living that will improve rather than deteriorate.