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1. The act of discovery.
2. In chromatography, visualization of the separated material.
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See Cancer detection.
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Patient discussion about detection

Q. How can you detect future alcoholism? it runs in my family and I’m very aware of it. I’ve been drinking for under a year but lately its been every weekend and I’ve recently stopped because of finals i have for school and id rather not mess them up. but i catch myself thinking what am i going to do this weekend because I’m not drinking. I’m not getting like cravings for it, like I don’t need it, but i feel as if i have nothing to do besides get drunk with my friends and walk around. is that a sign of future alcoholism?

A. Alcoholism is in my family. I've got it too. I have been recovering from it for 17 years. If I were to drink again, it would be like stepping out in front of a fast moving train. It would certainly kill me. I have learned how to stay off the tracks in front of those trains. It is a real blessing from heaven to still be alive.

Q. How soon can gestational diabetes be detected in pregnancy? I am barely 6 weeks pregnant and had a blood glucose test done last week, the results came back high at 220. Does anyone know if that is too early for gestational diabetes, or do you think I had diabetes before the pregnancy and just didn't know about it?

A. They don’t usually test before the 24 week for gestational diabetes. So I guess that they had a reason to do so with you. So I would ask them if they see any other problem or what’s their reason.

Q. Is Arthritis A genetic decease? if so , how can i detect it during pregnancy?

A. arthritis has a genetic tendency . it's not a genetic disease. that means that there are people that are born with a higher chance to develop arthritis then others, but not carrier of a genetic disease. about arthritis while pregnant, i found you a site talking about this issue exactly:
i hope it helps!

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new chromogenic detection kits for automated in situ hybridization tissue analysis.

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