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An educational activity by sales representatives (‘detailers’)—e.g., from pharmaceutical companies—or manufacturers of medical devices to provide details or scientific information on a product’s potential uses, benefits, side/adverse effects


Managed care An educational activity by sales representatives–'detailers'–eg, from pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers of medical devices, to provide details or scientific information on a product's potential uses, benefits, side/adverse effects. See Project house.

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Q. Can someone help me with details? good news………..I have been tested positive and planning for the next step cautiously. I would like to know whether intake of any medicine for pain such as aspirin during pregnancy are considered safe?. Would there be any problem on doing so? Also I have heard that during the last month of pregnancy, all medicines should be avoided. Can someone help me with details?

A. Happy news. Well I do not see problems with any of the medicines in general and medicines like Aspirin might not cause any problem. However during the period between 8th & 9th month and also during first trimester you must definitely try to reduce the usage and if possible do avoid these pain relievers unless very important. It has been told that they effect in birth deformities. But the chances are remote.
Best wishes for a healthy baby.

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